The Advantages Of LED Stage Lighting

- Dec 17, 2016 -

(1) energy-efficient.

With incandescent light sources (including tungsten-halogen light sources) compared to lamps, LED lamps and energy-efficient features very prominent, two lighting structure that we can compare to observe it.

Incandescent lamps light efficiency. Currently used incandescent spotlights, as light source incandescent large, reflector and focusing lens structure is often used. A spherical reflector, the filament is located in the spherical mirror sphere, fired spherical lights rear light is reflected back to the filament to move forward together, because the filament is located near the front condenser lens focus, filament light condenser lens converge into a beam of nearly parallel to the beam. B.-tungsten-halogen lamps light efficiency. Current high efficiency ellipsoidal mirror imaging of spotlight, thanks to the miniaturization of halogen bulbs, a focal point of the filament inside the ellipsoidal reflector.

(2) bright brilliant color.

The stage show, lighting to be used to stage sets, props, clothing dye, or create a specific atmosphere of the stage, stage shows extensive use of colored light. Compare with the stage lights commonly used color light, LED lamps in color performance than traditional light sources. Yiqian, lighting shade, is the use of color filters plus white light lamps or other methods of color filter, which blocks unwanted light, through the color spectrum you want. Due to the large number of unwanted shade becomes blocked, projecting light is pretty weak, especially the common blue light, its spectrum is located in the high end of the visible spectrum, due to the characteristics of the human eye, red and blue-purple on both ends of the visible spectrum is particularly sensitive, a large number of people eyes sensitive to light is blocked, lamp luminous efficiency is much lower.

(3) long life.

For tens of thousands of hours of LED life, incandescent lamps only, hundreds of thousands of hours of life. But while early LED lamps, LED mount light fixtures has seen a cooling problem that cannot be solved, the LED life expectancy is considerably reduced, affecting the promotion of LED lamps. LED tube for semiconductor light emitting, to current levels of technology, converts input power 10%~20% LED work light issue, the remaining 80%~90% of electrical energy into heat, the heat must be disseminated in a timely manner, otherwise, will result in core temperature. Working at room temperature, can be five to 100,000 hours LED life.

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