The Advantages Of LED Ice Bucket

- Sep 21, 2017 -

LED ice bucket with RGB full lantern light set function, can be charged, can be remotely infrared remote control ice bucket discoloration, in addition to the conventional infrared remote control, but also to customize our success in research and development and has been widely used in various entertainment venues of the industry-leading function: Led music control function, LED Icebucket intelligent light control function, wireless DMX function.

Characteristics of LED Ice bucket

1 can be infrared remote control on the LED ice bucket lighting color selection, such as red, green, blue, white, purple and other 16 kinds of light.

2 LED Icebucket can be customized music control light function, mobile phone WiFi control function, DMX control function, lighting intelligent control function.

3 Built-in Lithium ion rechargeable high-energy battery, charge 4-6 hours, can glow for 8-12 hours, if the luminous time has special requirements, LED Icebucket but also can be customized for longer time, the convenience of free movement of products.

4 LED Icebucket waterproof grade reached IP65, rain shower absolutely no problem.

LED Ice bucket for the bar, Poly Music Department, KTV, di bar, exhibitions, receptions, parties, weddings and other occasions, the main place beverages, wine, fruit, ice and other items.

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