Make Business Details Are Important, So We Can Win Customers And Win More Orders

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Don't always spell the price

Price problems, or increase the quantity to customers, or ask the customer target price, 

or to the customer in cheap material, craft, logo and packaging, or on large customers such as xx and our cooperation for many years, has been returned to the list, our reliable quality and service.

Sometimes you get, such as the sending of a sample, 

you take sample pictures for customer, packaging pictures, tell him what delivery, single number, to a few days.Then give him update samples to information, customer natural impression of you

Most people send us samples are directly send, give customers a single number, ask the customer received no

Not professional, not by heart, is not responsible for, don't let the customer trust

Quotation will point in detail, what information should have, 

offer at the same time you can also recommend similar products or related products to customers, give a list

This one thousand despises you an offer, the client can choose the inside of the directory

Such as customer to 2, 3 free samples, you can say in general is a free sample, but consider the customer is a good customer, worthy of trust, I apply to the company.No inventory samples, apply for the priority to arrange proofing, send samples, for the first buy material, arrange production priority, priority of delivery.

Is ready to these details, the usual movements impress clients, impress customers, let the customer feel you can trust, give you can rest assured that the list will you be able to win the customer's order.So, think about it, you do these details?Ready to these details?

Actually to do foreign trade details, diligently to do foreign trade has also reflected in many ways, the people to reflect on the summary, improve the foreign trade work methods and ideas of foreign trade, I believe that will be able to do a good job in foreign trade, make big performance, high salaries.

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