Light Series Furniture Market Prospects For Rotational Molding

- May 29, 2017 -

With the rapid growth of China's social and economic level and the rapid improvement of people's living standards,

people's life style and consumption style are getting higher and higher.

The pursuit of fashion, quality, personality and low carbon green life has gradually become the mainstream of public life,

and people's demands for living, working and leisure are also getting higher and higher.

 However, Home Furnishing living environment is not optimistic,

for example, harmful substances used in room and office building materials,

decoration materials and furniture products mostly contain or exceed the standard seriously exceed the standard,

release of these hazardous substances that indoor pollution is becoming increasingly serious,

the indoor space has become almost a "gas chamber".

Fashion is always changing, but long time years of washing,

furniture trend change, a variety of styles of various styles differ,

however, is exactly the same and the trend of the law,

in the ocean is a superb collection of beautiful things there is always some furniture,

no exaggerated color, no complicated function, but let him move the heart. This is the plastic furniture.

Rotational light furniture timely, not only to meet the needs of people of "the pursuit of fashion,

focus on quality, advocating individuality", and the rotational furniture product itself without air and environmental pollution, eliminate fears for Home Furnishing indoor gas.

The rotational molding process relative to other products such as light furniture woodworking is much simpler,

 you have to do is to prepare a good set of rotational equipment and die without having to do some complicated things.

Light furniture products covered by the rotational place: the sea beach,

a public swimming pool, Leisure Center, KTV, bar, Manyao bar, bedroom furniture, hotel, company reception, coffee shop etc..

Plastic products including furniture lighting:
Table (bar, table rotational light emitting light), chair, sofa, lit pots, LED ice bucket series of LED furniture

Rotational functional style furniture furniture that itself has become the mainstream in the future of the furniture market. Plastic furniture can meet the designer imagination, can design a variety of styles, such as Japanese, Korean, European, American and so on, the main appearance of rotational products outdoor recreation with castles, lamps, furniture designs ever now basically let people see, well, now consumers seek stimulation, love fresh so, rotational molding furniture industry has undergone a qualitative change, will bring new breakthrough rotational furniture furniture industry, new climax.

In the rapid rise in prices today, plastic furniture became many working-class and young people can keep their first choice, the pursuit of taste of furniture, then can give them free production of imagination. Free combination, or even change the shape, whether it is placed in the living room, teahouse, or in the study, bedroom, may be used as a practical object, very practical and convenient.

Through the ages, the pursuit of furniture, in addition to style, there is a very important aspect, that is, material. Most people think that solid wood furniture is natural and pollution-free. In fact, it is wrong. Solid wood furniture selection, environmental protection is right, but the connection between solid wood often need glue, solid wood furniture surface often also need paint brush to guarantee service life. These paint and wax are undoubtedly chemicals, as long as the chemicals are great harm to the human body. Plastic furniture series can fill the gaps in the market of furniture, now we have to do is to seize the opportunity of development efforts, the furniture industry to a new climax.


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