Led Watches Are Liked By Foreign People

- Sep 11, 2017 -

LED table because of fashionable and unique style, advocating a colorful color, deeply foreign people like, although we are rare in China, but the LED table relative to the formal mechanical table, it is a more casual and sports feeling, very stylish. Many people just touch the LED table do not know how to use, LED Table more do not know how to adjust the time, so the following small series on the LED table how to use the relevant skills information, a look!

LED table Features

LED table Use instructions: LED table and LCD watch principle, only one with LED display time, a liquid crystal display time. A key, usually the key time longer, into the ' Settings ' state, LED Table and then quickly adjust the key time, ignore it for a long time, it automatically back to the timing state.

LED table features: Led watch the biggest difference between other watches is inside the movement of the watch is equipped with LED lights and LED display, the main function is LED display effect.

LED Watch Maintenance

Understand the LED table how much money and the characteristics of the LED table, we also changed to understand the LED watch maintenance and maintenance knowledge. When the LED watch accidentally touches the water, it is recommended that the watch be taken down, to avoid damage (silicone watches as a low-cost fashion watch usually do not use a highly waterproof movement); Keep your watch away from the fire or in a dark damp place, LED Table pay attention to moisture-proof battery aging, such as the Watch has dust, when encountering water, take a careful dry cotton cloth wipe can.

And to attract the attention of others, the choice of a best fit their own temperament and exquisite design of the LED table is absolutely necessary, this is the pursuit of many young people. Some people say, "three-dimensional men, never only have a plane of attraction." However, women are particularly in this area. LED Table Women are insatiable animals, and it's not enough for them to have an LED watch. Different parties and important occasions, choose to wear different design of the LED table is also a good choice.

The LED watch refers to a watch which is equipped with LED lights in ordinary watches and can emit colorful lights. Here to speak of the LED table is mainly refers to the silicone strap table with LED light silicone watches, divided into led silica quartz table and led silicone electronic watch. The biggest difference between the other watches is the LED lighting and LED display inside the watch's movement, the main function of which is the display effect of LED.

The characteristics of LED watch

1, Capacity: 32MB~32GB Optional.

2, integrated watch function, is no longer a traditional single u disk.

3, the integrated LED screen can display the real-time memory disk storage capacity and the remaining capacity, LED Table to the storage capacity.

4, all high-speed USB2.0 ports, transmission data status LED dynamic display more intuitive.

5, the built-in lithium battery can be charged USB, durable.

The key function of the LED watch

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