LED Table Button Function

- Jul 05, 2017 -

LED table refers to the ordinary watch which is equipped with LED lights, can send colorful watches. Here to talk about the LED table is mainly refers to the silicone strap with LED lights of the LED watch, divided into LED quartz quartz watch and LED silicone electronic watch.LED table with the other watch is the biggest difference between the movement inside the watch is equipped with LED lights and LED display, the main function is the LED display.

1LED table key function

1, short press the button to display real-time time: the screen shows the current time 4 seconds after the jump to display the current date. LED Table Picture display order: Time - "date.

2, long press three seconds to display the capacity: display the total storage capacity of 1 second, then display the remaining capacity of 1 second, LED Table and finally show the current battery power%. When the battery power is displayed, press and hold for three seconds will calculate the U disk information again. Picture display order: Total capacity - "remaining capacity -" battery power.

3, U disk into the computer: when there is data transmission LED display running ring, LED Table no data transmission when the battery power.

2LED how to adjust the time?

method one

1, the first short press the button, the normal wake-up watch shows the time screen, this time long press the button for three seconds to enter the button to adjust the time mode.

2, each time you press the button once to adjust the number of accumulated time, LED Table press and hold three seconds to enter the next adjustment options.

3, adjust the order of options: clock - "minutes -" month - "date -" year

3 Method 2

1, the USB into the computer.

2, in the storage disk inside to create a text TXT document, edit the current time in the document after the save.

3, unplug the USB, the watch automatically synchronized to the text in the document just inside the time.

People who have used the mechanical watch that the operation of the LED some trouble, LED Table but in fact not the case, through the above description, LED table adjustment time method is very easy to learn.


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