LED Stage Lights Are A Kind Of Stage Lighting

- Jun 07, 2017 -

LED stage lamp is a kind of stage lighting, LED lamp beads as a light source applied to the stage lighting of a new type of lighting, with the LED technology to improve and reduce the cost of LED technology lights will be in the stage lighting industry More and more important role.

LED stage lights constitute

LED stage lights and LED lighting lamps and lanterns similar to the main accessories, shell, LED lamp beads, the second optical lens, LED drive power, DIP DIP switch, heat sink, shell, LED Stage Light mounting bracket and so on.

LED stage light classification

According to the use of classification, LED stage lights in the stage lamps are common,

1, the stage performance, ①LED par lamp, shape and long lamp similar to the size of the small, according to the specifications of the sub-64, Pa 56, Pa 46, Pa 38, Pa 36 and so on. ② LED pattern effect lights, LED lights and pattern of color technology applications, which is often said lanterns, common with LED lanterns, LED magic lights, LED three jaws fish. ③LED moving head light, LED Stage Light it does not have the traditional moving head pattern color effect, is the effect of more colorful LED par light. ④ LED strobe, the general use of low-power lamp beads. ⑤ LED display, stage performances, bars are the most common, is also widely used in outdoor public places, advertising and so on.

2, stage lighting, ① LED flood light, wall washer, soft light, are generally used high-power LED lamp beads, was round, strip, square shape ranging. ② LED audience lights, do stage performance lighting, common with four and eight lights.

3, the stage decoration and effect, ① LED lights, lights, channeling lights, waterfall lights, tree lights, fence tube, is generally used in the stage to do the decoration, LED Stage Light more is used as a city lighting project. ②LED floor tiles, common in bars, dance halls, large-scale party. ③ LED stage curtains, also known as the stars screen cloth, LED lamp beads and the latest applications of the curtains. ④ PI imitation, common imitation fruit, animals, and other graphics.

LED stage lamp features

LED stage lamp performance and LED technology is closely integrated, rich colors, red, green, blue three colors can be mixed 16.7 million different colors. Low power, low drive voltage, high luminous efficiency, and energy saving. Safe without radiation, no UV rays. High life, the theoretical life of up to 100,000 hours. Compared to the traditional stage lighting, LED stage lights in the market price is high.

LED stage lighting replacement stage In the same use with the traditional stage light source, LED stage lighting features reflect: low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving, long life, making the market easy to accept it. Especially in commercial occasions, pay attention to the product quality advantage. LED stage lighting utility model stage in the last stage on the basis of the market for LED stage lighting products have a certain recognition and acceptance. LED stage lighting environmental protection, small size, LED Stage Light high reliability and other features gradually highlighted. Lighting industry will also appear more and more a development of the application space, the light is no longer just play a role in lighting, with the growing urban cultural construction, the streets have been placed lighting landscaping.


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