LED Stage Lights A Wide Range

- Aug 09, 2017 -

LED stage lamp performance and LED technology is closely integrated, rich colors, red, green, blue three colors can be mixed 16.7 million different colors. Low power, low drive voltage, high luminous efficiency, and energy saving. Safe without radiation, no UV rays. High life, the theoretical life of up to 100,000 hours

Led stage lights energy saving and efficient. Equivalent light effect, a few kilowatts of traditional stage lights can be used a few hundred watts of LED stage lights to replace, LED Stage Light and because of less heat of LED heat, energy conversion to light energy more efficient. Response time is shorter. Halogen lamp response time is millisecond, LED light response time for the nanosecond. long life. General halogen lamps and other traditional stage lamp life up to only a few thousand hours, and LED stage lamp life can be up to tens of thousands of hours. Colorful and rich. LED Stage Light Through the red, green, blue three primary colors LED can be combined with a variety of colors and brightness of the beam.

Led stage lights as a new type of lighting is applied to the stage, to add a lot of color to the stage. With the continuous improvement of led technology and cost reduction, led lights in the stage lighting industry has become an irreplaceable product. Led stage lights a wide range, LED Stage Light in the choice of time to understand the role of different stage lights and use, to see which stage lights are more suitable for their own activities.

1. Spotlight out of the beam is more concentrated, the power is generally 0.5kw - 5kw variety, focal length long, medium and short points.

2. Rib light or soft light, characterized by a large area of light, shooting closer, power 1kw / 2kw and other.

3. Imaging lights, such as slides can be cut into a square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or cast a variety of patterns required for the pattern, power 1kw / 2kw and so on.

4. Day row of lights and the ground row of lights, high-power astigmatism, LED Stage Light the top of the stage on the top of the boom from the top down to the curtains of light projection lamps.

5. Scattered light bar is divided into multi-grid, long strip, divided into multi-grid, generally can be divided into three or four colors, each grid with incandescent bulb power in 200W or so, LED Stage Light requiring a variety of color self-phase uniform, a large area of the curtain or painting Screen use.

6. Back light, with a long project, high illumination, light hard features. Light by the rear of the larger mirror injection, with the same 2kw bulb, the brightness than the spotlight to light, more intense.

7. LED strobe, the general use of low-power lamp beads.

8. A large area of floodlight used, usually used for top and front light lighting.

9. Floodlights, can be uniformly illuminated in all directions of the point light source, its range of illumination can be adjusted in the scene as a positive octahedral icon, LED Stage Light used to illuminate the entire scene.

10. Iodine tungsten lamp, high luminous efficiency, brightness.

According to the above listed several led stage lights of the characteristics and role, and then according to their own stage activities to select the appropriate lighting.

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