LED Stage Light High Luminous Efficiency

- Aug 21, 2017 -

Led stage light is a stage lighting, the use of high-performance led lamp beads as a light source application to the stage lighting, is led a new application, with led technology mature and cost reduction, led lights will be on stage The lights play an increasingly important role.

LED stage lights are rich in color, red, green and blue colors can be mixed with 16.7 million different colors, with low power, low drive voltage, LED Stage Light high luminous efficiency, energy saving, safe without radiation, no UV, high life and other characteristics, Theory of life of up to 100,000 hours, compared with the traditional stage lighting, led stage lights currently on the market price is relatively high.

Led the stage lights and ordinary led lighting similar to the main accessories are shell, led lamp beads, led chip, the second optical lens, led drive power, LED Stage Light DIP DIP switch, cooling device, shell and mounting bracket, etc., led stage Lamp applications are the most common for color and color mixing.

Led stage lamp application Note:

1, the temperature rise will lead to small internal resistance. When the ambient temperature increases, led light source resistance will be reduced, LED Stage Light if the use of regulated power supply will lead to increased working current, when more than its rated current, will affect the product life, Light source "burned", so should use constant current source power supply to ensure that the led stage lamp operating current from the outside temperature.

2, led stage lights in the application process to take anti-static measures, such as: workstations to be grounded, workers with anti-static ring, with anti-static gloves, etc., LED Stage Light if the conditions allowed to wear anti-static clothing is also necessary, especially green led The lamp beads are easily damaged by static electricity. In addition, different quality grades of LED lamp beads anti-static capacity is not the same, high quality, LED Stage Light high grade led lamp beads anti-static ability to be stronger.

3, led product sealing. Led stage lights products are often used in outdoor, LED Stage Light the same face a waterproof, moisture-proof seal, if not handled directly will directly affect the life of led products.

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