LED Ice Bucket With Colorful Light Color

- Sep 30, 2017 -

LED ice bucket professional for bar and high-end hotel star hotel barrel products.

LED ice bucket unique appearance patent, full color LED colorful display. Can improve the use of occasions and increase the level of the atmosphere.

LED ice bucket can be loaded with red wine 8, champagne 6, small ice beer 12, is KTV, bar, cocktail on the necessary ice bucket, LED Icebucket you can print all kinds of logo to enhance its beauty.

1, the product material: PC plastic, with anti-drop characteristics, not bad fall.

2, product light color: white light, blue light, red light, green light, LED Icebucket colorful light color (colorful light color changeable color, can also be fixed as monochrome)

3, the product size: LED trumpet crown ice bucket (20 * 26.5 * 28CM) LED large crown ice bucket (26 * 33 * 28)

4, the product weight: 1.3kg (trumpet) 2.1kg (large)

5,1-2 or 3-5 loaded champagne optional, can be used to hold red wine, but also can be loaded with wine, in the dark space inside, LED Icebucket through the light color gives the beauty of the mood.

6, barrel body can be separated, can be tight, easy to carry, easy to clean

LED ice bucket Instructions for use:

1 . Built-in program control: through the panel "Set Color" button, select the pause color or "seven-color gradient" mode of operation.

When the built-in program is running "seven-color gradient" mode, press the button to stop running "seven-color gradient" mode, the current color is paused. And then press the button and continue to resume running "seven-color gradient" mode.

After 5-8 hours of operation, LED Icebucket the lights inside the barrel will flash flash alarm, then press the "ON / OFF" button to turn off the ice bucket power, and then insert the DC plug into the ice bucket charging, please ensure that has been off Power off.

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