LED Ice Bucket Is A Good Choice For Bars And Other Places

- Oct 27, 2017 -

LED ice bucket is a newly developed large capacity ice bucket, you can hold 8 red wine, champagne 6, small ice beer 12, is KTV, bar, cocktail on the necessary ice bucket, you can print all kinds of logo to strengthen Its beauty.

LED ice bucket with RGB full color light settings, LED Icebucket rechargeable remote control can change color! Its beautiful design gives a strong fashion but yet harmonious beauty, is the bar, night, KTV, party, LED Icebucket private clubs and other places a good choice!

Material: Acrylic / PS / SAN / ABS

Color: transparent, green, red, yellow and other

Capacity: 12.0L

Size: L40.5xW28xH24cm

Weight: 1600G

Packing: 1pcs / plastic bag, 10pcs / box

Carton size: 42.5x30x52cm

Can be infrared remote control LED ice bucket lighting colors to choose, LED Icebucket such as red, green, blue, white, purple and other 16 kinds of light.

2 can be customized music control lighting function, LED Icebucket mobile phone WIFI control function, DMX control function, lighting intelligent control function.

3 built-in lithium-ion rechargeable high-energy battery, charging 4-6 hours, can light 8-12 hours, if the light time has special requirements, LED Icebucket but also custom longer time to facilitate the free movement of the product.

4 waterproof level to IP65, rain shower is absolutely no problem.

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