LED Ice Bucket Beautify Decorative Effect Good

- Aug 30, 2017 -

LED Ice Bucket features

1, novel square design, beautiful appearance;

2, LED Icebucket simple and practical, can put beer, wine, beverages, ice and so on;

3, LED colorful light, applicable to bars, hotels, KTV and other recreational venues.

4. Size: 25x21.1x29.2cm/3l, can put 1 bottles of 750ml or 2 bottles of 330ml of wine bottle L

5. Number of Beads: 21

6. Color: Colorful transformation

7. With rechargeable battery, remote control and adapter 5. Voltage: 5v1.5A 6. Outer box size: 51*31.5*45CM/4 7. Gross weight: 0.72kg/5kg

LED Ice Bucket Product Features:

1, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, green, LED Icebucket white and other monochrome display, dream colorful gradient, light soft, beautify decorative effect is good

2, has the fixed color function, may through the Panel key control, achieves the different luminous effect, chooses the liking color randomly

3, has the infrared signal control, LED Icebucket may adjust the light brightness dark degree namely transforms the speed, and the lamplight color changing pattern

4, the use of rechargeable button-type lithium battery power supply, convenient and safe, energy-saving environmental protection

5, the use of abrasive PC, transparent effect of good color dazzling, environmental protection

6, the use of low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable, low consumption, long service life

7, colorful cycle color, can charge, shake control, fixed color, LED Icebucket light dark light adjustment, flicker speed adjustment, automatic color selection

Application Range:

1, applies in the family, the guesthouse, the hotel, the club, the bar, the amusement field and so on the indoor public occasion to decorate, the embellishment function

2, quality high-grade, is a bar, LED Icebucket nightclubs and other essential products.

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