LED Ice Bucket Beautification Decoration Effect Is Good

- Jul 05, 2017 -

LED ice bucket is popular in the world of decorative items, the appearance of high-grade beautiful, innovative, environmentally friendly, full of change. Can be equipped with remote control, power adapter. Start the switch can automatically achieve seven different changes in the light, the pause button can lock a certain color, ahead of the visual enjoyment, but also add to the colorful life. Product shell with PE environmental protection material rotomoulding a molding, a variety of sizes and different styles of style, (according to personal preferences and environment with the development of innovative design and shape), the use of LED color mode (RGB) principle, LED Icebucket available Remote control to control the color slowly, fast change, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, 7 colors and brightness.

Can also be fixed in a certain color. Suitable for home interior decoration lights, improve the quality of life, such as the room, living room, office, conference rooms, senior hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on, so that the space is romantic and warm. Can also be used as a bonsai planting flowers pot placed in the living room, garden, garden, park, subway, urban roads and other landscaping environment, LED Icebucket style novel, easy to transport, not afraid to fall, not afraid of falling, not afraid of sun and rain, wear.

Shell material: PE plastic - polyethylene. Material properties of corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) excellent, LED Icebucket low-pressure polyethylene melting point, rigidity, hardness and strength, water absorption is small, good electrical properties and radiation resistance; high pressure polyethylene Softness, elongation, impact strength and permeability are better; high molecular weight polyethylene impact strength, fatigue resistance, wear. Remote control function infrared remote control angle: 360 angle infrared remote control distance:> = 4 meters infrared remote control There are eight keys, LED Icebucket respectively, for the key, play / pause button, brightness adjustment +/- keys, color speed switch key, custom color keys, reset key to open key: boot automatically run the default color gradient conversion, respectively, red - green - blue - orange - white - pink - purple play / pause key: color conversion to your favorite color can be paused brightness adjustment +/- keys: there are 4 brightness adjustment color speed switch key: can customize the color Conversion speed custom color key: this key to define a color one by one; respectively red - green - blue - orange - white - pink - purple, LED Icebucket if the cycle returns to red, the color will run in the transition mode reset key: Reset to the default program Source of t Multi - glittering ice bucket, LED luminous ice bucket, plastic luminous ice bucket, suitable for bars, hotels, and leisure and entertainment. Can be used to adjust the atmosphere, increase the romantic hazy mood, suitable for ice to put beer, red wine, beverages and so on. There are many colors and lighting effects to choose from. Easy to use, LED Icebucket just start the bottom of the switch can be.

Soft light, beautify the decorative effect is good, high degree of protection

Charging time is short, long working hours, product cycle up to 50,000 hours

LED Icebucket Using rechargeable button-type lithium battery-powered, convenient and safe, energy saving and environmental protection

Using matte PC, transparent light effect, light, environmental protection, energy saving, zero radiation, durable, drop resistance, wear resistance, no deformation

Infrared signal remote control, adjustable light brightness conversion speed, and control lighting color changes

There is a fixed color function, through the panel button control, to achieve a different luminous effect, free choice of color

LED Icebucket Avoid contact with high temperature

In order to extend the built-in battery life, low power should not be placed for a long time not used

The first use of the product, be sure to completely discharge the battery to recharge, to extend product life

Product accessories for the remote control, adapter, LED Icebucket charging plate is not prepared for waterproof performance, do not contact with water

When the LED lights do not use for 24 hours, automatically enter the power saving mode, remote control will be no function, re-use, please press the switch on the led lights to start, at the same time, remote control function recovery


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