LED Flower Pots Colorful Dynamic

- Aug 21, 2017 -

LED flower pots can be used to achieve food grade PE material, the environment is absolutely no pollution.

LED flower pots have been planted through the designer with the heart of the spring plants. Rhododendron, Phalaenopsis, Camellia, Cymbidium, Begonia, Narcissus, Cyclamen ... ... some lush, and some budding, LED flower pots change the soft color of light waves, LED Flower Pot these spring plants set off a unique style The

The LED flower pot includes a flower pot which is arranged along the basin of the flower pot, and the first LED plant growth lamp is arranged in the installation tank, and the light of the first LED plant growth lamp is provided with a filter And the flowerpot is provided with a vertical pole associated with the plant, LED Flower Pot the vertical bar is a transparent tube, a second LED plant growth lamp is arranged in the tube body, and a pot extending from the bottom of the transparent tube body And a wire connecting the first LED plant growth lamp in series or in parallel with the second LED plant growth lamp. The utility model is suitable for filling the potted plants, the filter can be replaced according to the growth of the plant suitable for light color, LED Flower Pot and the pots upright vertical bar can be used as some potted plant climbing stent, potted plants to provide shaping conditions The

LED flower pots will be rotomoulding process and LED lighting innovation combined with opal shell with RGB LED LIGHTING, glorious heart moving, bright and dynamic, LED Flower Pot for the dark night to add luster. Can also directly produce any color of the furniture products, color dazzling, LED Flower Pot to meet your colorful life needs!

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