LED Development Trends

- Dec 17, 2016 -

LED is called second generation light or green light, long life with energy-saving, environmental protection, small size and other characteristics, can be widely used in various areas such as display, back light, lighting. Development of some developed economies around the world in recent years LED a fierce competition. For many years, the advantages of LED lighting with energy-saving, environmental protection, and has received national attention and all levels of Government, across relevant policies and measures to speed up the development of LED lighting; consumers are craving for this environmentally friendly new lighting products for a long time.

As the domestic part of the technical and production costs decrease, LED lighting best game no one played the situation will change. Lian wumart LED lighting products to China's revolutionary impact on the lighting. Current lighting power consumption ratio is: 20% in developed countries is rising in developing countries, less developed countries is 5%, for 12%,LED lighting as a proportion of the entire lighting 2015, China is expected to reach 56%, 2020 at 83%.

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