LED Chairs Have 16 Kinds Of Light

- Jul 27, 2017 -

LED chairs have the following unique advantages:

1 LED Chair lights follow the music rhythm of Intelligent mode selection, a variety of music lighting mode to choose from, such as light music, DJ, Pop, Random and other models, and continue to have our new lighting effect mode upgrade.

2 LED chair and music Controller wireless connection, LED Chairs the middle does not need any cable connection, save a large amount of project installation costs, convenient and practical.

3 LED musicians have a simple function, can be used in mobile phones, computers, speakers, MP3, MP4 and other equipment for sound control.

4 phone or computer can be one-to-one or one-to-many control LED chair.

5 has the wireless DMX effect function, the wireless DMX effect edits can DIY, also can many pictures one key import.

The LED chair includes the Chair body, LED Chairs the Chair back and the chair foot, the chair body distributes the pressure sensor piece evenly, the pressure sensor piece is affixed to the chair body, the pressure sensor sheet spacing is: 8cm~14cm, the column spacing is: 20cm~60cm, the chair foot is equipped with the processor and the controller, the pressure sensor piece is connected on the processor signal input end, the processor signal output end is connected with the controller signal input end, the controller signal output end is connected with the LED driver. can automatically control LED lighting or not, save electricity and prolong the life of LED lights.

LED chairs in the traditional bench in the integration of color-changing LED lights, when the night falls, the bench will be translucent. Putting such benches in the park for lovers ' LED Chairs rest will certainly create a very romantic atmosphere. Product power of 95 watts

1 can be led by infrared remote control of the light bar lighting color selection, such as red, green, blue, white, purple and other 16 kinds of light.

2 can be customized music control light function, LED Chairs mobile phone WiFi control function, DMX control function, lighting intelligent control function.

3 Built-in Lithium ion rechargeable high-energy battery, charge 4-6 hours, can glow for 8-12 hours, if the luminous time has special requirements, but also can be customized for longer time, the convenience of free movement of products.

4 waterproof grade reached IP65, LED Chairs rain shower absolutely no problem.

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