Development Of LED Technology

- Dec 17, 2016 -

Since in the 1990 of the 20th century since the emergence of Blu-ray, white and high-brightness LED, LED luminous efficiency increasing commercialization of LED luminous efficiency of the tubes has now reached 50 lm/W~100 lm/W, and its efficiency is still increasing, eventually could reach about 200 LM/w, not only significantly higher than 10 lm/W~30 lm/W incandescent lamps (including tungsten-halogen lamps) is significantly higher than the current all light sources. But a single LED power is very small, only 1 W~5 w, high luminous efficiency are only hundreds of lumens, on stage lighting kW power, tens of thousands of lumen luminous flux, so never before thought LED to many people on the stage.

The beginning of this century, blue LED gained popularity, white-light LED technology matures, LED luminous efficiency than incandescent bulbs increased, high power (watt) can reach tens of thousands of hours of LED life, at the same time, it also has the advantage of fast, easy dimmer switch, combine multiple LED to increase the total luminous flux of new LED stage lights begin to appear. At first, due to technical reasons and the high price of this lamp less people know, LED lamps light efficiency due to the increase in recent years, concentrating the popularity of glass, tube, casing and other spare parts, many manufacturers began to assemble. LED lamp with its bright light, energy saving and environmental protection advantages attract people to try.

LED lamps used in some shows, good results have been achieved.

At present, the LED for lighting mode there are two types: one is added to the blue-chip fluorescent powder to make a part of blue light by phosphor converted yellow light, some blue and yellow mix as white; the other is respectively red, green, blue three LED tube using a combination of, mixed to form white light. Way before the majority of TV lighting, the latter mainly for stage illumination.

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