Classification Of LED Stage Lights

- Dec 17, 2016 -

A, LED stage light categories, classified according to purpose, LED stage lights common in stage lighting, and stage performances, ① LED par light, shape similar to the long tube light, small volume, according to the specifications PA 64, PA 56, PA 46, PA 38, PA 36 and so on. ② LED patterns effect light, LED lamp technology applications of pattern and color, which is often said that the lanterns, have LED months of common lantern, LED the magic lamp, LED three-jaw fish. ③ LED moving head light, it does not have the traditional patterns and color effects of lighting, is the scanning results are more abundant LED par light. ④ LED strobe, generally use low-power led. ⑤ LED screen, stage, bar one of the most common, is also widely used in outdoor public places, advertising and so on.

Second, lighting, ① LED flood light, led wall washer, soft lights, are generally with high power LED lamp bead, round bars, square shape. II LED the audience lights, stage lighting, a common lamp has four eyes and eight eyes. Third, stage decoration and effects, ① LED light bar, led Strip, channeling the light, waterfall lights, tree lights, tube, which is usually the stage decorated with more for city lighting engineering. ② LED floor tiles is common in bars and dance halls, big party. ③ LED stage curtain, also known as Star screen, LED lights and stage curtain of the latest applications. ④ LED imitation, often are reproductions of fruit, animals, and other graphics.


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