Now Country More And More Leader Attention Internet And Export

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Export tax rebate is an international practice.  led bar table export

But according to the normal procedures, foreign trade enterprises to get a refund usually takes a cycle.

In recent years, as a new form of foreign trade, foreign trade, the rapid development of foreign trade services,

 but the greater the scale of external services enterprises to undertake small micro-foreign trade enterprises,

 the greater the pressure on tax rebate. Nanjing, the first export tax rebate funds pool, is to resolve this contradiction to take innovative initiatives.

It is reported that the pool of funds by the government, external comprehensive service platform enterprises, banks and other aspects of investment, through the external services platform for enterprises to pass to the vast number of foreign trade enterprises.

 At present, the city has 10 external service platform enterprises, only Jiangsu cross-border e-commerce Services Limited services in small and medium-sized micro-foreign trade enterprises have 2176.

 Foreign trade enterprises as long as the real trade, documents and online through the verification, the three working days will be able to get tax rebates.

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