Why LED stage price different so much?

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Why LED par lamp price gap so much?

Currently on the market stage lighting manufacturers countless, lighting products, the manufacturers reported a far cry from the price, so that buyers dazzled, so that manufacturers colleagues teeth.
LED par lamp in the market common and commonly used, we are no stranger. He is a stage lighting system is an integral part of everyone to see the same lighting surface. The following 54 to 3W waterproof par lamp as an example, tell you how low-cost light is how to do it.
LED lighting structure mainly includes the following major parts, namely lamp beads, radiators, power supply, fan, motherboard, shell, lens, wire and so on. To make the price low, then you have to start from the material to do the effort.
Light bulb

LED lamp beads in the market price varies. Why some beads sold so cheap, and some light beads price difference of several times, in fact, there is a tricky inside.
First of all its material is certainly the worst, such as wire with copper wire instead of gold, stent with recycled material or scrap production, these raw materials, consumers can not be judged out, only after the use of the problem was slowly exposed come out.
Followed by increased power use, the original lamp bead normal use of power may be only 1W, 0.75W, the power added to the 3W, beyond the use of the initial high brightness, but the attenuation soon, not a few months on the dark.
Again is the virtual power, the subject is 3W lamp beads, the real standard is to take 1W or 0.75W lamp beads to replace, or even lower, the consumer is generally not to test.


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