The history of China LED lighting

- Dec 17, 2016 -

From June 17, 2003, China's Ministry of science and technology led the establishment of cross-sectoral and trans-regional, trans-"National Semiconductor lighting project coordination leading group" by 2005, in the "XV" key plans emergency start-up Semiconductor Lighting industry in key technologies of major projects, and in 2006, in "Eleven-Five" started National Semiconductor lighting project as a major project to promote. As at 2006, approved the Department of science and technology, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen and Shenzhen as an industrial base, with more rapid development in Shenzhen City.

China's LED industry rapid development since 2003, including epitaxy, chip, encapsulated, applications and other upstream and downstream industry chain, the "yitouchen" State gradually changed, China LED industry has been developing fast in the upper reaches, the chip industry's most striking. Nevertheless, LED lighting technology of the core patents are under foreign control several large firms, such as Japan Japanese Asia, Toyoda Gosei, Toshiba, United States Philips Lumileds, Cree, and Germany's Osram, these companies use their core patents, horizontal and vertical scaling, put up a tight network of patent in the world, but also created a subsequent development of Chinese enterprises patent crisis.

From white light LED of history view, white light LED from 1997 birth yilai, LED lighting technology in a fast development of stage, glow efficiency constantly improved, in 2005, industry almost general forecast city sale white light LED to reached 100lm/W of glow efficiency first to until 2007 or 2008, 100lm/W of glow efficiency is than citizen electronic of development blueprint to early one years, this which more than because market fierce of technology open competition, Also includes prices of factors.


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