Star program what are the classification of

- Dec 17, 2016 -

The first is: from the program which is no bother for any production, as long as a startup can no longer go to management, allowing free press system setup to run. Using this system can save you trouble operating problems.

The second is: the full program this program is all the shine of lights set into a regular rhythm. This system is widely used in wedding celebration usually on the scene of the majority. A few customers to products used in this type of bar or casual decoration.

The third is: voice-activated program this program was first imported into the program to play the songs in advance, stage curtain design engineers available to edit songs most forms of import procedures, and then to use you can press the background music to control the frequency of flashing LED Star cloth.

The fourth is: SD card, which is designed specifically for use by the new and old customers, this card is first imported into effect prior to display inside the SD card and then through a stage curtain designer edits the last form system can import from SD card to make program before you play.


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