Rotomolding series of furniture market prospects / LED light furniture

- May 26, 2018 -

Rotomolding series of furniture market prospects / LED light furniture

                    - Bringing new opportunities for prosperity to the prophets

   With the rapid growth of China’s socioeconomic level and the continuous and rapid improvement of people’s living standards, people’s tastes for life and style of consumption are also getting higher and higher. The pursuit of fashion, quality, personality, and low-carbon green life have gradually become the mainstream of popular life, and people's environmental requirements for living, working, and leisure are also increasing. However, at present, the living environment in the home is not optimistic. For example, most of the building materials, furniture products and decorative materials used in residential and office buildings contain harmful substances that exceed the standards or are seriously exceeded. The slow release of these harmful substances makes indoor pollution increasingly serious. The space has almost become a "poison gas laboratory."

  Fashion trends are always changing, but the long years of washing, furniture trends will also change, a variety of styles vary, but exactly the same with the trend of the law is that there are always in the vast array of furniture in the ocean There is no exaggerated color, no complicated features, but it makes people move. This is rotomolding furniture.

  The timely appearance of rotomolding series furniture not only satisfies people's characteristics of “pursuit of fashion, quality, and individuality”, but also rotomolding furniture products are free of air and environmental pollution, eliminating people’s fear of poisoning in home interiors.

The molding process of rotomolding furniture products is much simpler than other woodworking processes. All you have to do is prepare a good set of rotomoulding equipment and molds without having to do some complicated things.

The rotomolding luminous furniture products cover all the fields: beach baths, public swimming pools, leisure clubs, KTVs, bars, slow shake bars, furniture bedrooms, hotels, company front desks, coffee shops, and so on.

Rotomolding luminous furniture products include:

Rotomolding light table (bar, coffee table), luminous chairs, light-emitting sofas, light flower pots, glow ice buckets and other series of light-emitting furniture.

  The rotomolding furniture emphasizes the functional style of the furniture itself has become the mainstream of the furniture market in the future. Rotomolding furniture can satisfy the designer's bold imagination and can design various styles, such as Japanese style, Korean style, European style, American style, etc. In the past, rotomolding products mainly appeared outdoors with castles, lamps, etc. The tricks have now basically made people look through, and are familiar with it. Nowadays, consumers are stimulating and love fresh, so the appearance of rotomolding furniture industry has undergone qualitative changes, and rotomolding furniture will drive new breakthroughs in the furniture industry. climax.

  In today's skyrocketing prices, rotomolding furniture has become the preferred choice for many working-class people and young people. First, they can maintain their pursuit of tasteful furniture, and second, they can give them free imagination to produce. Can be freely combined or even change the shape, whether it is in the living room restaurant, or in the study, the bedroom may be placed as a practical object, very practical and convenient.

  Throughout the ages, the popularity of furniture, in addition to style, there is a very important aspect is the material. Most people think that solid wood furniture is natural and pollution-free. In fact, this is wrong. Solid wood furniture is environmentally friendly, but the connection between solid wood often requires glue, and the surface of solid wood furniture often needs brushing to ensure longevity. These paints and waxing oils are undoubtedly chemicals, as long as they are chemicals that have great harm to the human body. Rotomolding furniture can fill the gap in the furniture market. What we need to do now is to seize the opportunity and strive to develop and push the furniture industry to a new climax.

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