Lighting and stage curtain effect

- Dec 17, 2016 -

In the light stage lighting stage equipment industry is the primary issues to be considered when designing, stage lighting and grasp well the whole stage equipment almost can't work out the best results.led curtainfor sale  Because the lighting is very important, we can imagine the stage lighting and anything associated with? This is not just decorative or very large, general lighting and stage curtain stage background is associated with. Taking into account the effects of stage lighting will naturally take into account the stage background color, the color of the background of the stage to watch, blindly before if you do not see results come out, are not the most beautiful, or audience type, all in all the lighting and stage curtain effect are inextricably linked. No curtain does not reflect the light of the United States, not without good lighting reflects the beauty of the scene. Generally if it is the scene of the spill days I recommend using stage curtain LED Star cloth decorated in more convenient, as the LED Star cloth easy to install and can reach its decorative highlights. Coupled with the stage lighting photometric debugging well, whole scenes are enough to give a feeling of light, this leakage is generally wedding wedding scene with a bit more. LED video for more on the stage, an upgraded version of this product is LED Star cloth, it not only can be used as a background, you can also use as a video, there are all kinds of different stage in the colorful star cloth is very widely used, I have often seen such as a café, k bar, lounge bar and other public places.

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