Led lighting industry must rely on the strength of a solid basis for the development

- Dec 17, 2016 -

In recent years, some led lighting business to many stars to its product endorsements, hoping to build brand awareness within the shortest time. Admittedly, this "burning money" while in the short term to build brand awareness of the effects, but in this fashion brand successful? Recently, the reporter interviewed on led lights brand-building Shenzhen Jiawei solar lighting Vice President, led lighting, outdoor lighting sales Center General Manager Liu Xiaoxiong.

Mr Liu Xiaoxiong, representative of the strength of the brand and culture, brand awareness and reputation of greater chances to win market share. Brand takes time, but different companies build brands using at different times in the process of, which mainly depends on its location and tactics. Companies build brands can be actively in the process of using the mass media to promote, but also to think about how to build up the strategic distribution point. Before choosing a big-name celebrity endorsements, first to measure your enterprise, should give full consideration to whether the company has sufficient funds to support huge endorsement fees, celebrity endorsements can bring long-term profitability, corporate product is enough to impress consumers ' core competitive advantage. If there is no matching high quality products and services as a basis for famous stars, no good channels can help corporate profits.

Led lighting industry broke out, in the final analysis is about "branding", "war" under "King" and "bandits", and eventually will be reflected in the advantages and disadvantages of led lighting products and Services Advanced. In other words, products and services is fundamental to build LED brand elements.

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