LED lighting business in the e-commerce promotion

- Dec 17, 2016-

First, the LED lamps generally has a quick buck mentality.

Boss closed, start business, begun with great fanfare to form teams, ready led lamp stock, want to earn big bucks for a short time. In fact, this is a typical get rich quick mentality. Traditional businesses into the line, a completely alien environment, combined with the fierce market competition, take a long learning period. If the boss over the pursuit of sales and market share, likely killing the goose, kill a good brand. The right way should be gradual, and focus on the future through commercial channels, brands can quickly be consumer awareness and acceptance can bring enormous added value of products, this kind of publicity is enormous.

Second, because LED lighting business owners on the lack of understanding of e-commerce.

They used the development of led lighting products and selling products on the Internet isn't going to. What are the reasons? the traditional lack of Internet thinking. Internet thinking is the very popular words these days, and my understanding of it is very simple, is interactive and relationship marketing, marketing. You are selling products on the Web, is no longer rigid products, but a fresh story, is a sincere emotion, consumers really are you going to build emotional resonance.

Third, lack of holistic thinking.

When it comes to e-commerce, many led companies understand is cat or Jing dong, or micro-letter, in fact, this is an extremely one-sided thinking. E-commerce is a systematic process that is network marketing. What is network marketing? it is directly connected to the computer, mobile phone and offline, the integration of the traditional Internet and mobile Internet, Terminal stores, data sharing can be implemented on different platforms. It led lighting product planning, product development, Web site building, online operations, brand promotion, product distribution and other e-commerce content integrated in one. This marketing will give traditional businesses more imagination, while accelerating the process of traditional enterprise e-commerce.


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