Led lamp quality to improve China's image

- Dec 17, 2016 -

Four-day led lamps in Guangzhou International lighting exhibition (hereinafter "Guangya exhibition") the perfect ending, as in Shenzhen, has LED the industry for 6 years a member of the joint meeting industry technology, in addition to lots of fatigue, is the most attractive way of marketing. Industry who are to participate in the exhibition at the Pavilion entrance, first of all you see is the various cheap leaflets of the exhibits, in addition to the traditional marketing strategy, xiaobian I found a sales person is wearing above t-shirt printed with 3W led bulb 1.8 Yuan. I saw not just a marketing strategy of diversification, more surprising industry product "low quality" level, to what extent. 1.8 super low prices and warranty 2 years, hard raw material in China has reached 10 percent, employees did not wage point? the Guangya exhibition also LED lighting product promotions disguised as a testing ground for, not the most expensive, only cheaper.

In fact, from this year's "international lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, two Chinese companies for patent infringement involved, exhibitor was dismissed. "Frankfurt International lighting exhibition is divided into ten lighting Pavilion, the China Pavilion is the first, but the area is very small, location is also relatively remote, to the Guangya exhibition, where the quality of the product? Have to thought-provoking. All of these to show that Chinese enterprises in the manufacturing capabilities of winning international business opportunities, but because they do not respect intellectual property rights are often looked down upon. Chinese manufacturers lack awareness of protection of patents and applications, often passively in intellectual property and patent disputes. Many others are corporate fraud, attempted to cut corners, is intended to copy, imitate someone else's product, so tarnish the reputation of China LED lighting industry as a whole, China's LED display and LED lighting products in the international market, a reputation for poor consequences. Such a situation, hope as soon as possible be improved, LED the right direction.

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