led bar table for party and evening

- Mar 13, 2019-

LED plastic tables and chairs are designed for wedding bars and clubs. Outdoor, indoor furniture tables and chairs, the color is professionally set to colorful colors, color change through the remote control, more in line with weddings, clubs, use. Suitable for all kinds of places.

   Its water proof, rechargeable, control by remote, 16 colors flash, especially suitable for the hotel, bar, club etc.



   Raw materials should be raw materials: polyethylene or polypropylene.


There should be no burrs or sharp edges on the exterior and inner surfaces of the product and the reach of children's fingers.


The table and chair should be balanced on the ground, and the maximum deviation should not exceed 2mm.


Should meet the requirements of Q1095.


After the strength and durability test of the table and chair, the joints are not allowed to loosen. Parts are not allowed to crack.


Table and chair stability test results are required not to tip over.


Environmental requirements: ISO: 14001-2004.


National mandatory safety certification (3C certification).

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