Introduction to star

- Dec 17, 2016 -

Star fabric is velvet black fire curtain, super bright LED light source, through a special process to install above the curtain, by an external controller can power and control! after the star power, just like the feeling of the stars, so we are all called to the stars!

Stars cloth only of insufficient is due to repeatedly demolition, curtain repeatedly friction easy caused electrostatic burned lamp beads, electrostatic has been is stars cloth of weaknesses! but now without worried has, manufacturers has for this problem for has improved, is stars cloth in making zhiqian, in curtain above do has anti-electrostatic processing, is stars cloth Shang of LED lamp beads of life greatly of strengthening has, like stars cloth of friends on no has worries!

Stars cloth in future of development trend also is is has advantage of! energy-saving environmental is stars cloth of another a big advantage, stars cloth do for stage background, not only stars cloth in using of when effect good, and power consumption special low, hundreds of a party of stars cloth power consumption only dozens of w! due to this advantage, stars cloth and in family using in the acts as a has important role! stars cloth was using in indoor of ceiling, corridor, TV wall, place, to family also added has vitality!

Star controller has 4 operating modes, light, self-propelled, voice-activated and DMX control! 8 channels, can be adjusted by the address code of the controller to adjust the stars, converting a variety of effects!

Star cloth or advantage is the size, the color can be tailored!, no matter if you want to star on occasion, how large, can do all! the sky color, cloth curtain by the black majority, followed by white, can be decided according to different occasions star fabric color selection!


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