In the course of using the stars to pay attention to what

- Dec 17, 2016 -

First: stars curtain in using of process in the do don't was water got wet, because stars cloth not has waterproof of function, even at is also can normal using, but in you using after, curtain and lamp beads are no completely dry of situation Xia, you directly playing box has, such lamp beads of chip cannot dry, led to stars cloth line contact bad, in you next using of when lamp beads will appeared many a Flash a Flash such of situation, then lamp beads has cannot normal work, only a step step aging, that yihou are cannot using has , So the stars remember must be waterproof Oh!

Second: in installation stars cloth of process in the, please don't single hand pulled with stars cloth of a corner on such pulled with to hanging, although we of stars cloth of lamp beads are has used had reinforcement processing, but Pro-, a a people of power so big, no pulled constantly of Oh, here to reminded members boss, do to account you following of employees, must to note details oh;

Third: the sky curtain is complete, in the process of demolition, should also be like that when I installed be careful after you remove led star cloth, please order folded star curtain, into the box, do not damp, don't bunch together, so the next time you use, they were not a problem;

All in all, stars as long as Note 3 points above the curtain, basically used without problems in the hope that they can help customers better protect their stars, because their quality and life decisions can bring value to your Oh!

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