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- Jun 01, 2017 -

Lighting in the home life illuminated every corner, it to disperse the darkness to bring light, embellished our good life. But everything has the pros and cons, the rational use of lighting to create suitable light, reduce light pollution on the human body and psychological impact is the light with the advocate of the harmonious home. Light with navigation stressed: nature, low carbon, environmental protection, health, health, personality, texture.
In the use of lighting and light on the natural meticulous. This time for everyone to bring some relevant content.

living room

Living room is generally used chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main, with some wall lamp, spotlights, lights and so on. It is now on the LED lights, it can be said that the series can be a revolution. On the main lighting, if the living room is a high design, then you can use large crystal chandeliers. While the height of 3-5 meters or so, it is appropriate to use mid-range luxury chandeliers. Layer height of 3 meters or less, it is appropriate to use mid-range decorative ceiling lamps or lights. led dance floors for club, party

At the end of the sofa placed a desktop or floor lamp, you can easily read the newspaper. With frescoes, collection can be set to stealth spotlights to set off. Also in the TV next to a miniature low-light incandescent lamp, can reduce the brightness of the hall contrast, is conducive to the protection of vision.


Restaurant lighting should be the table as the center, the best choice is still chandeliers, the height of the installation do not exceed 2 times the height of people sit down. Long table can be installed according to the length of two or more than two chandeliers. The restaurant should have light and darkness of the regulator and can be lifted function, in order to serve as other work, Chinese food on the color, smell, taste, shape, often need bright light set off bright food, and enjoy Western food, if slightly dark, Can create a romantic atmosphere.


The study is where the office is. Light is best from the top of the left shoulder irradiation, or in front of the desk to install a higher brightness and not dazzling lamp. Special study lamp, should use a desk lamp, such as suction wall lamp or dimming art table lamp, so that light directly on the desk.

With the showcase or display holdings of the showcase can choose stealth lights or spotlights, attractive point of view, or make collections look more brilliant.


The bedroom is resting to the sleeping room and requires a better privacy. Light requires soft, should not have glare, so that people more into the sleep state. And dressing makeup needs to be uniform and bright light, highlight the contours of the face or body curve, so in the wall and dressing mirror can be installed next to the wall lamp. Bed head with headlights, in addition to the common table lamp, the base fixed on the bed by the adjustable lamp angle of the modern metal lamp, beautiful and practical.


The bathroom must be selected moisture-proof lighting and switch, and here you can set a tentacles can be relatively dark light lighting, easy to night, so that light affected the sleep. Also installed in the mirror above the wall lamp is also a good choice when washing. Here Amy experts also gave you an extra small proposal to install a lighting that is conducive to browsing. Because there are a lot of people in the toilet or bath when there is a habit of reading.


Kitchen lighting is usually used to moisture, anti-fog and easy to clean the principle. Usually in the top of the console set up embedded or semi-embedded astigmatism type ceiling, embedded in a mask with transparent glass or transparent plastic, so the roof is simple, reduce dust, oil pollution. Stove above the general set of range hood, hood with invisible small incandescent, for the stove lighting. If the kitchen as a restaurant or open kitchen, can be set at the top of the table single hood single lift or single-layer multi-chandelier.

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