how about led dance floors

- Mar 14, 2019-

LED floor tile features:

   1. Quick and flexible installation: direct installation without tools or rail mounting.

   2. High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy structure, high load capacity of 1.5 tons per square meter.

      3. Excellent maintenance performance: can be exchanged directly without removing the adjacent cabinet

4. High contrast design: technical design mask, clear play

5. Excellent low-light and high-gray effect, showing uniform gray scale and good consistency

The price is different for each manufacturer. I suggest you compare many times.

where can buy? from Dong Guan Yi Gui electronic teachnoligy.LTD

The price/performance ratio is still quite high, and the goods are of high standard and high demand. The word of mouth is very good, I hope to adopt my answer, I am very grateful. If there is any need, you can ask, thank you!

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