Cheap portable starlit wedding led white Dance Floor tile light manufacturers

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Display Effects

  1. 50 kinds built-in pattern can be displayed dance floors
    2. Video in any format can be displayed synchronously.
    3. The text can be edited and displayed.


Interactive Effects

Build-in interative effect:Various types of diffusivity dynamic effects are created along with the footstep.
A. Interactive 
B. Music

Interactive + display pattern

Display effect can be overlaid with interactive effect through software selling or SD card controller
Indoor usage
Connect the signal and power cables.
Fasten and lock 4pcs dance floor with one joint plate.

Underground usage

Dig the ground in advance, the Splitter, the SMPS and the cables can be hidden under the ground.
Border can be added around the floor. It is convenient to maintain.

led dance floors

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